Ahead the towering billows rise,
An airborn skyline dwarfs my size,
White cathedrals row on row,
Ramparts washed in golden glow.

Below the world lies bright and new,
I wish that all could have my view,
To see a landscape trimmed by sea
In all it’s beauty , given free.

No cluttered highways bar my way,
No signs are posted, lest I stray,
My road is endless, paved in blue,
Its path is known to oh so few.

No street lamps stand along the side,
No blinding headlights mar this ride,
By night the moon casts light so soft,
The stars, my signposts, held aloft.

This life we have will pass to quick,
To live it all, now that’s the trick,
I’ll take my chance among the clouds,
Too long I’ve blended with the crowds.

In side I know a dream’s a dream,
And sometimes things aren’t what they seem,
But who’s to say just what is real,
To me it’s simply how you feel.

I thought my wings would let me fly,
A pilot soaring through the sky,
But so much more they gave to me,
A chance to live, a chance to be.

by Patrick J. Phillips 


Up at last it’s been so long,
Back to blue where I belong,
Whistling wind through cockpit seams
Clears my mind for unborn dreams.

Sunrays strike her gleaming skin,
The ship glides smooth, as now I trim,
A flat world left begins to round,
My engine’s drone the only sound.

Clouds reach out to mist my wings,
Oh! how much I’ve missed these things,
Long I’ve waited, far below,
A wanderer lost, nowhere to go.

But here the sky becomes my friend,
Inside my heart begins to mend,
A sagging spirit spring to life,
Far above the vexing strife.

A touch of toe, a turn of hand,
She dips her wing on my command,
No questions does she ask of me,
As if she knows we’re finally free.


by Patrick J. Phillips

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