Flyers Prayer Aviation Poems 


The poems presented here are the result of my introduction to flying in the late 80s. It all started as a result of a fellow pilot asking me how my solo went on Dec 7 1985. I told him I really couldn’t remember much of the flight as I was too busy. His comment that he could still remember his solo many years ago prompted me to put it down in writing. It started out as a paragraph and ended up as the poem SOLO.

As the flight training continued I added The Instructor, and following the Challenger accident I wrote I Dream Of Eagles the same night. Several months later I was waiting for the weather to break so I could complete my Navigation Solo to the nothern part of Vancouver Island and it struck me that what I was doing had a certain amount of risk so I decided to write down my thougts about what I was doing so my family might understand why I wanted to fly just in case something happened, the result was Flyer’s Prayer. I received my Pilots License on June 6 1986 and I wrote Flight Test to remember it.

Several months later I met some folks who were trying to get a museum started and ended up as the founding president of The BC Aviation Museum. During that five years of building I had some great experiences dragging aircraft out of the bush with helicopters and coordinating Victoria’s first Airshow.

Rebirth and Airshow were the result. It seemed I got side tracked with all these events and the flying suffered so after too long on the ground I started flying again and Return was written.

During the airshow experience I was privileged to work with the founder of Canada’s famous Snowbird Air Demonstration Team, Col (ret) O.B. PHILP,DFC, CD. and that was where When Snowbirds Fly was born.

Remember When followed soon after and then one day I met a colorful local pilot who had done it all and the Grabbin Of Jimmys Beaver arrived (with apologies to Robert Service).

In The Beginning seemed to be the next logical choice and Airline Pilot was the result of many long flights riding in the back.

I was a little more of a rebel 20 years ago so when all the talk of restricting General Aviation from the Larger airports got started I had to get my two bits in. Enter Its Our Sky Too.

Patrick J Phillips